Parajumpers: stories of “extra-ordinary characters”

the travelogue of men and women out of the ordinary: “Stories” is the project designed and built by Parajumpers. video and images of the protagonists

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Parajumpers originates in 2006 thanks to a trip whose goal is to go in search of new things: cultures, experiences, landscapes, but above all lives. moose knuckle sale, Those of a horse breeder in Iceland, an architect outside the box, two Arctic surfers and – because the eye wants its part – some beautiful mushers from Wisconsin. Very different stories, share that spirit of adventure that represents a value for Parajumpers, technical outerwear brand but look very appealing. Just as the trades of the protagonists of the project Stories, parajumpers outlet, a travel journal in serial form and media that tells the stories of “(extra) ordinary characters”, their passions, their sites and their way of living them.


These short story Hauku, Ringo and Rain, Simone Polga and the twins Anne and Kristy.

The horse breeder

Tenacious owner of Laxnes, cheap parajumpers jacket, a farm dedicated to the rental of horses, Haukur Pórarinsson is one of the most experienced breeders of Iceland.

Following in the footsteps of his grandfather, who had undertaken this profession in the years ‘ 40 by buying the farm, Haukur has maintained strong roots and traditions. Always organize tours with Icelandic horses for those adventurous tourists who are looking for strong experience in extreme weather conditions.