You’re buying weighted blanket

While most are sold for over $100, there are some retailers selling them at a more affordable price.

If you’re buy weighted blanket , there are hundreds or even thousands of sellers, so your options are very varied.

Please answer the following questions:

  • Is it made well?
  • Can I get it large enough for what I/we need?
  • Did I get a blanket with the options I needed?

Mageblanket specializes in the production of large sizes commissioned by customers with good and particular tastes. They will use high-quality fabrics.

This is an investment in your health.

According to the Journal of Sleep Science, the average American worker sleeps an average of 11.3 days a year, with a loss of productivity of $2,280.

How many other options have you tried that have failed, or performed unsatisfactorily?You can put a price on getting better sleep – buy 20 lb weighted blanket.

12-Pound Weighted Blanket, $69.99

12lb weighted blanket
12lb weighted blanket

Make restless sleep a thing of the past with the 12 lb weighted blanket from Mageblanket. A soft material cuddles up to your skin for warmth and comfort, while glass beads and polyester weigh down the blanket with 12 pounds of pressure. This pressure aids in relieving anxiety, insomnia and more, helping you get a restful night’s sleep and a clear head.

What would you pay?weighted blanket?

Would you have to have to justify investing in the perfect weighted blanket for you?

You may not ever have to replace your blanket. If you sleep well and value $1 per night, you can save at least twice the value of the weighting blanket in a year.

Will insurance cover the weighting blanket?

Weighted blankets can be found in some medical supplies stores, although many insurance companies do not include weighted blankets, but some will do so.

Weighted Blankets LOWEST PRICE!

  • CMFRT Weighted Blanket | Fits Queen-Sized Bed Top (48”x78” – 12 lb) $69.98
  • CuteKing Weighted Blanket 60”x80” 25lbs Queen Size for Adult, Dark Grey ($89.99)
  • Gymax 7-20 lbs Weighted Blankets Twin/Full/Queen/King Size (60” x 80” 17lbs) ($67.99)