Most people will naturally be warm. However, some people sleep hotter than others.Blanket selection is very important for those who feel over-warm at night.Cooling weighted blanket is becoming more and more popular among today’s sleepers.

This guide will cover some of the common features and features of cooling weighted blankets, as well as purchase tips and considerations.

The Best Cooling weighted blanket – Top 5 Picks

COOLMAX® Weighted Blanket

Cheap COOLMAX® Weighted Blanket White

Highlights:Risk Free 30 Day Better Sleep Guarantee.

Our COOLMAX® weighted blankets are about the size of a Full blanket.For larger blankets like the queen or oversized, the weight is wasted on the bed rather than on the person receiving the benefit.In addition, the size of our blankets makes them easier to handle, especially for those who choose our heavier weighted blankets.

COOLMAX® ALL SEASON technology keeps moisture away from the body, keeping the wearer cool and dry during hot weather, while the fiber structure provides warmth on cold days, helping to optimize performance. Not only does it dry quickly, but it also offers amazing ventilation. Weaving is more dense than quilted cotton, but still smooth and comfortable to touch. The fabric is tufted to make the surface smoother and softer.


  • Help you relax and sleep.
  • It feels like you are being tenderly embraced
  • Reduce anxiety

FOR BETTER SLEEP:It takes a few nights to get used to weight and change the old pattern.We recommend that you try to sleep with a blanket for at least a week.

  1. Place the weighted blanket on the top of the quilt, covering the entire body from the chest to the toe.
  2. Use the weighted blanket on top of your sheet, with no comforter.
  3. Place the weighted blanket only in the lower part of the body.
  4. Place the aggravated blanket only on the upper part of the body.

FOR ANXIETY:Cover yourself with your weighted blanket. Then, deliberately notice every part of your body.

  1. Start with the foot-pay attention to the blanket pressure on the foot.
  2. Pay attention to your knees-sometimes squeezing your knees can help you “more” into your body.
  3. Pay attention to the pressure on the blanket on the torso.
  4. Pay attention to the weight of the chest and shoulders.

BlanQuil Chill – Cooling Weighted Blanket

BlanQuil Chill Cooling Weighted Blanket (White Frost 15lb)
BlanQuil Chill Cooling Weighted Blanket (White Frost 15lb)

Hot sleepers rejoice!

Features:Cooling Chill cover that is removable, machine washable, and dryer friendly.The chill down system is equipped with a high-strength reinforcement strap that can form 8 connection points.

BlanQuil Chill uses state-of-the-art fabric design to take away and emit body temperature to create a cool, personalized experience. BlanQuil Chill’s ultra-breathable fabric absorbs moisture and actively absorbs heat from the body, making the feel significantly cooler. The moment you enter the cocoon 15-20 minutes before you use it, you’ll enjoy BlanQuil Chill’s apparent active cooling, giving you plenty of time to get to sleep comfortably.


  • Reduces tossing and turning throughout the night and improves sleep quality.
  • Reduce anxiety and stress.
  • When you feel stressed or want to relax after a busy day, you immediately have a soothing, calming effect.

Luna Weighted Blanket

Cheap Luna Weighted Blanket

Luna Blanket promotes the production of serotonin and melatonin by applying Deep Touch pressure stimulation, giving you a feeling of hug or hug.

These natural chemicals in our body regulate our mood and overall calm, helping us settle down from tension or anxiety, relax faster and sleep deeper.

Features: Luna Blanket uses precision computer Sewing design to create a perfect, luxurious design.The inner blanket is made of breathable cotton and filled with high-quality glass beads to keep the blanket thin, quiet, safe, machine washable and environmentally friendly.

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Enhanced Breathability
  • Medical-Grade Glass Beads
  • High-Quality Sewing Techniques


  • Can help resolve anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, stress, autism, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and insomnia.
  • Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation produces Serotonin & Melatonin.
  • Keep warm in winter and keep you cool in summer.

Serenity Weighted Blanket

Serenity Weighted Blanket on sale

The world’s first and only 100% ORGANIC, plant-based, all natural, weighted blanket.


  • 100% Organic Inside & Out.
  • Weighted blanket is 230 thread count anti-counterfeiting organic comb cotton and down cover is 300 thread number combed organic cotton.
  • Hand Filled Baffle Box Construction / Recycled Down Alternative Fill with Plant-Based Resin Beads.
  • The duvet quilt is pre-shrunk.

My Calm Blanket

My Calm Blanket on sale

The outer cover is constructed using the softest ultra-plush minky, one of the comfiest and most durable materials available.


The microplush weighted blanket is malleable so you can snuggle up against it any way you like.


  • Help with Anxiety, ADHD, Stress, Autism, SPD, and Insomnia .
  • Made of the softest ultra-plush, it is the most comfortable and durable